Email sent – 21 March 2015 09:57

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I note from the local press you attended the re-opening of the Haven Banks Co-op refurbishment programme yesterday. No wonder you don’t have time to see me
at your surgery to discuss serious issues such fraud and theft of public
funds, life threatening dangers etc because you are too busy with trivial

In today’s austere times and the Co-op banking scandal amongst other things,
I am astonished the Co-op of just paid out £1/2million pounds for such a

Co-op Building Management Team need to get back to Specsavers if that’s
how they are spending money.

Real wood on the floors I am told by the staff; I would want gold tiles for
£1/2million and real wood is not actually environmental friendly, is it?

Yours etc

Alan M Dransfield