Email sent – 22 March 2015 07:32

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I am bitterly disappointed but not surprised at your comments ref my lifetime email ban imposed against me by the Devon County Council . You have advised me to submit
my FOIA requests via normal post, which I intend to do under protest. However,
if and when the DCC respond to me it will require the DCC to make hard copy
paper responses, which is hardly environmental friendly, as opposed to sending
me information electronically and will cost impact the DCC.

Quite frankly Mr Bradshaw, I think the DCC lifetime email ban against me is
a serious breach of my Human Rights and I believe it has been put in place to
purposely obstruct me using the FOIA and the flow of public information, which
is in breach of section 77 of the FOIA 2000.

However, I will jump through the silly hoops that the DCC put in my way,
which you have turned a willful blind eye to.

In the event the Court of Appeal rule in my favour, I would expect this
Draconian email ban to be lifted.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield.