Email sent – 06/06/2017 05:41

Attn of the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister

Please see the following
article which confirms my concerns and fears for sub-standard scam lightning protection, which has been installed on UK nuclear sites
and oil and gas refineries in the UK. The Office of the Nuclear Regulator
(ONR) and the HSE are fully aware of my concerns, but they are
both satisfied that such scam lightning designs are adequate for public protection. It is fairly obvious to me that both the ONR and the HSE are
turning a blind eye to serious H&S irregularities and anomalies
regarding Lightning Protection System.

I call for a full, forensic investigation into my allegation that scam Lightning Protection is being
approved nationwide in the UK by the HSE and ONR.

Your Secretary of State for the
HSE, Penny Mordaunt, is fully aware of this situation but has chosen to
turn a willful blind eye.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield