Email sent – Thu 19/01/2017 18:26

Information Commissioner Ms
Elizabeth Denham

Dear Madam

Please see you very latest
vexatious decsion from your website. This particular decision notice is
unlawful because you have not relied upon the Dransfield Vexatious Court Precedence
as per GIA/3037/2011. Does this mean you have now realised the Dranfield
Vexatious Decision is also unlawful and thus, you cannot use it as a
Court Precedence? There must be a reason for not relying upon the Dransfield
Case Authority after three years continuous use and over 6000 vexatious
cases. Please provide me with a full explanation why you have not relied upon

I also consider this
decision is yet further evidence the ICO is in Contempt of the ECoHR via the
Magyar Helsinki Bizottsag Case.

For your information action and

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield