Email sent –

Dear Miss Denham

The latest vexatious decsion upheld by the ICO is related to
numerous avoidable deaths of Mother and Babies at Morcombe Bay Hospital. Please
see the report into the incident(s).

It beggars belief the ICO
upheld the Public Authority Vexatious decision. In essence the ICO are covering
up serious crimes at the Morcombe Bay Hospital by upholding this vexatious
claptrap. In essence you are preventing the flow of information to the families
and relatives who lost loved-ones at Morcombe Bay,which denies final

Moreover and more importantly
you have now released a vexatious decision into the public domain which is
unlawful by virtue it does not carry the Dransfield Vexatious GIA/3037/2011
Precedence. The author of the ICO decision Mrs Pamela Clement is an
experienced ICO Officer, please note , I say experience, please do not
take that as I refer to her as Honest and with Integrity because I certainly do

This is just another clear
example of BAD LAW being used by the ICO.

For your information action and files

Alan M Dransfield