Email sent –

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Please see this response from Devon and Cornwall Police
(DCP) and rule 550 indicates the DCP have imposed a lifetime email ban against
me for reporting crimes regarding theft and fraud of public funds.

I have just received a Meta Data response from the DCP
via Royal Mail and I was attempting to respond to them via email but it would
appear they have banned me.

Please write to the DCP Chief Constable asking for an
explanation why they have imposed a lifetime email ban against me. I am but a
simple layman and I don’t accept that reporting crime to the police warrants a
lifetime email ban.

I wasn’t aware the Devon Police had imposed a email
ban against me but as you are aware a lifetime email ban has been imposed
against me by the Devon CC, HSE; hence, it would appear there is a wider
conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and deny lawful access to FOIA.

With thanks

Yours sincerely.

Alan M Dransfield

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