Email sent – Sat 19/12/2015 07:45

Dear Mr Bradshaw MP

The UK Supreme Court have booted Dransfield into touch, which effectively rubber stamps the Court of Appeal vexatious BS. This SC decision effectively weakens the
FOIA 2000 and allows rogue public authorities a get-out-of-jail-free card.

At this juncture I have not seen a copy of the SC
decision and reasons. as their decision has not yet been published.

LThis means I have now exhausted the British Legal system
and I shall now seek legal redress in the European Court of Human Rights, which doesn’t install any
confidence as the ECHR registrar assistant Michelle Lafferty would appear to destroy most
applications on a whim.

No person applying a right and proper mind could have
reached the same decision as the Supreme Court, so we must assume they reached
the decision by a perverse mindset.

Two important anomalies are already identified with the
Dransfield Case UKSC/2015/0173 Dransfield v ICO. They are:

1. It was not listed
on the SC listing of Applications.

2. Their decision is not recorded at their website.

In short, I feel the SC would appear to be complicit with the CoA and
ICO to pervert the course of justice and in particular sect 77 of the said
Act. In essence the UK SC have assassinated the FOIA 2000, and vexatious exemptions will be handed out on a whim.

Hang your heads in shame Supreme Court.

I call upon my MP to call for Public Inquiry into the
latest SC decision.

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield