Email sent – Wed 09/12/2015 07:07

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Earlier this year a subcontractor working for Balfour Beatty
died when he fell from the roof during his work on Sun 28th June 2015. The Health and Safety Executive declared this incident did not come under their remit because the Olympic
Stadium was not classed as a work site. The Principle Contractor is/was Balfour
Beatty and I am suspicious of any such matters on their sites.

Have the HSE gone mad and lost what little sanity they had?

Of course the Olympic Stadium IS/WAS a building site, hence,
the HSE held clear jurisdiction.

I appreciate this is outside your remit but I am unable to
contact the HSE owing to my lifetime email ban. Hence, I call upon my MP to
write to the relevant oversight authority and ask for an explanation why the
HSE appear to have been criminal negligent.

With thanks

Yours etc

Alan M Dransfield