Email sent – Sat 10/10/2015 22:58

Dear Mr Bradshaw

The next time you go out on your bike please check out
the new road for vehicle access to the subject title.

I don’t know where the Environment Agency got their Highway Specification from
but the new finished road is totally unacceptable and unfit for purpose.

They have substituted asphalt material with sand. The
makeup of this road is 100 mm of Type 1/803 sub base and 20 mm rolled sand
wearing course. The road is devoid of any asphalt.

This new road will last about 4/6 weeks max. The Romans built better road.

Please be sure to wear your helmet, as I expect quite a
few cyclists to come to grief on this road.

No doubt this road cost several hundred thousand pounds.
Where is the Devon CC when you need them? Is this new road called an AUSTERITY road.

Yours in disgust