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25 April 2015 07:39

Justice Select Committee

Dear Sirs

Further evidence of wrongdoing by the Information Commissiner’s Office and Surrey Police ref the subject

This is the redacted copy of the Savile interview (tape 1) and bear in mind
the Surrey Police used section 14/1 vexatious as an exemption not to release
the full tapes late last year.

I can understand how and why the Surrey Police would want to withhold the full tapes but is is not section 14(1) and both the ICO and Surrey Police knew
or should have known the request for the Savile Tapes was not vexatious. They
should have relied upon the Data Act 98 not section 14(1) of the FOIA 2000

It beggars belief that the Surrey Police and the ICO have relied upon
section 14(1) of the FOIA 2000,V exatious Exemption.

For your information action and files

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield