Email sent – 27 March 2015 07:56

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I am sure you are aware that the new £30million flood defence works
schedule was in yesterday’s Express and Echo along with photos of before and
Aater the works.

Quite frankly, the after photographs confirm my fears that the environmental and Devon County C ouncil engineers don’t know what they are doing and under the
current plans it will not prevent floods – in particular:-

1. The photograph of the quay outside the pizza restaurant shows a flood fate from the building line to the river. This is a complete waste of time because if
the river “backs up” it will flood all the premises on the Quay.

2. At the Terra Plaza they propose a new wall approx 5 metres from the existing
wall from the Bar Venizia to the existing warehouse, which means the block of houses/flats on Haven Bank will be flooded. It would have been more practical
and cheaper to raise existing wall by 500 mm from the Wellcome Cafe to the
Exebridges. It will also result in the new climbing centre being flooded.

3. They propose to raise the footpath from the Harvester Pub for 100 metres eastward, which would leave all the premises on Haven Banks and westwards

4. The houses near Clipper Quay have not been considered for

I hope the new flood works on Phase Two are superior than Phase One, which
has seen huge holes in the existing wall repaired with sandbags, which beggars
belief. In particular, the wall opposite the Climbing Tower has been repaired
in a manner of a “cowboy builder”. Photographs of this have been sent to you
recently. Sandbags are OK for temporary repairs and flood prevention, but I would not
consider sandbags as a permanent repair.

Could I suggest/recommend meeting you with these so called “engineers” to
discuss my concerns and fears?

God only knows what their proposals are for Cowley Bridge and the Mill on
the Exe, but I have seen enough of their proposals around the Quay and Haven
Banks to make me thankful I live on the 3rd floor.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield