Email sent – 23 March 2015 15:41

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Please see the attached letter from OFSTED ref my concerns for safety and welfare of thousands of children and staff at the 6 Private Finance Inititiative schools in Exeter.

I fervently believe that OFSTED does hold remit for safety and welfare for
children in UK schools and I consider this response from OFSTED is hogwash at

I now call upon my MP to write to both OFSTED and the Minister of Education demanding a public inquiry into the 6 PFI schools in Exeter.

I would envisage this issue is not isolated to Exeter PFI schools but
systemic failures by OFSTED and Local Education Authorities nationwide.

As you are aware my FOIA case involving the Exeter 6 PFI schools is parked up awaiting the Court of Appeal conclusion. One of these schools has had
contaminated drinking for addecade since it was built in 2005 and those idiots at OFSTED do not accept that drinking water in schools comes under welfare.

For your information urgent action and files.

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield