From: Alan Dransfield


Cc:, Beale, Edward ; Ben Bradshaw MP

Sent: Monday, January 12, 2015 4:03

Subject: Fwd:

Lord Faulkes QC

Minister of State for

102 Petty France



Dear Siru

Please see the email
correspondence from an unknown public servant to the NAO. In this letter from
the National Audit Office, it would appear the NAO official is giving the ICO a
warning or a tip off ref my allegations of fraud and theft of public funds by
the ICO.

I do not accept it is right and
proper that NAO should give pre-warning to the ICO ref allegations of fraud by
a member of the public.

This is in relation to a live
Court of Appeal case ref C3/2013/1855 Dransfield v ICO due to be heard at the
Court of Appeal on 27th or 28th Jan 2015.

It should not be difficult to
locate the the identity of the NAO official responsible for this email 21st Jan

By virtue of this email, I shall
request my MP Mr Ben Bradshaw to write to the Chief Constable of the Met Police
with a view to a criminal inquiry.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan m Dransfield