Email sent – 30 October 2014 07.01

Attn of the the Rugby Union Stadium Safety Authority and the London Legacy Authority

Dear Sirs

Further to my recent claims ref the subject title. I have received confirmation from one of the World’s leading lightning protection experts, who supports my theory that the QEOS will be devoid of any Lightning Protection Systems should the stadium be used for Public Events without a roof.

This is because the original design included the roof material to act as the Lightning Protection Finials.

I am of the opinion that the principle contractor for the stadium, Balfour Beatty Group have hooswinked the stadium oversight authorities ref the lightning protection at this stadium. Ditto for a large number of other public funded projects and premises.

I repeat, this stadium is unsafe and unfit for public events in its current roofless position.

I would strongly recommend that the QEOS is not used for any public

events until the Stadium Roof is 100% complete. This stadium should not be used for the Rugby World Cup next year.

I reiterate the worst case scenario (WCS) during the Rugby World Cup. Dozens, even hundreds of supporters could be injured or killed should the Stadium take a direct lightning strike during a rugby game.

A very similar situation is apparent at the Exeter Chief Rugby Stadium, also built by Balfour Beatty and also scheduled for use in the Rugby World Cup.

I am of the opinion the Rugby Safety Authority are turning a blind eye to serious and life threatening lightning danger.

Please note, I have included Balfour Beatty National Safety Manager in this mailing list ie Mr Bobby Brown who has been instrumental in willful circumvention of the BS/EN 62305/2008 nationwide on Balfour Beatty projects..

For your information, action and files.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield.