Email sent – 11 October 2013 19:3
Dear Mr Bradshaw MP

I acknowledge and thank you for your letter, in which you state you have now written to the Dept of Energy and Climate Change ref the subject title.

Please check my original complaint to you and you will see I had requested you write to the HSE for a copy of their report into these two collapsed Wind Turbines, not the Dept of Energy and Climate Change! And only yesterday, you complained to me that your staff were too busy to deal with the issues I raised.

Really and truly, I should not need the assistance of my MP on such matters; I should be able to send the HSE a quick email requesting a copy of their report. However, as you are aware, I am under a lifetime email ban from the HSE.
Why do I get a gut feeling the HSE are lying to me?

It beggars belief the HSE have not yet published their report on these two wind turbines which collapsed in high winds in January of this year. Obviously, the wrong type of wind.

I fervently believe the HSE milk this type of incident and there is an urgent need to review the HSE role in such matters. In my view they need to play a proactive role as opposed to their current reactive role.

I fervently believe the root causes behind these collapses are substandard material, poor oversight supervision, substandard design and inferior workmanship.

By the way, I reached this conclusion within seven days of the collapse and less than 24 hrs of a site inspection, hence I can’t wait to see what the HSE claim as the root cause. You might want to ask the HSE how much it has cost the taxpayer for the HSE investigation into these two turbine collapses. A tidy sum, no doubt!

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan Dransfield