Email sent – Fri 30/07/2021 21:55

Richard Bailey ICO Solicitor

Dear Sir

Please advise me the name and contact details for the ICO  Quality Management Systems Manager.

I will need this information for the  forthcoming FTT Tribunal hearing EA/2019/0227 Dr Kirkham/Dransfield v ICO.

As Legal Officer for the ICO, you will be aware the ICO have a duty of care to ensure they operate a Quality Management System. Hence, I wish to question the ICO QSM Manager on this and other cases. I will be seeking to question your QSM manager to demonstrate the procedures used to reach several decisions including the EA/2019/0227. There is a myriad of ICO Decisions which clearly reflects an arbitrary, unlawful decision as opposed to a Lawful Decision which has been reached by the application of a Quality System Management eg ISO9000/1.

I would also expect the ICO to demonstrate their bundle was compiled under a ISO9000/1.

In the event the  ICO are unable to demonstrate this case has been the subject to QA/QC Process, I will be asking the First Tier Tribunal to strike out your legal argument as baseless and vexatious.

with thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield