Elizabeth Denham

Information Commissioner

Mon 17/08/2020 09:40

Dear Madam

  1. Under protection of the FOIA 2000 please provide me with the following information.Your itinerary of flights from Mid June to Mid Aug.

2. A copy of your expenses claim form from Mid June to Mid Aug 2020 – shall include flight, travel, hotels, food etc.

3. A copy of your spouse’s Register of Interest  form  for the last 3 years.

I warn you of not using your normal blanket vexatious hogwash. As per section 50(2)(c) the above request is new, politely written and in the interest of the general public and serious purpose.

I seek this information in my claims you have deserted your post as Information Commissioner during very urgent times for  the next generation.

With thanks

Yours Sincerely

Alan M Dransfield FOIA Campaigner and Social Watchdog