Email sent – Sun 10/12/2017 13:50

Rt Hon Theresa May Prime Minister

Rt Hon Sadiq Khan London Mayor

Dear Prime Minister and London Mayor

Next Thursday, the 14th December, it will be 6 months
since that fateful night in June 2017 when the Grenfell Fire
happened. Some 6 months post fire we have not learnt one single
Lesson. Hence, I am going to spell out several lessons learnt to prevent similar fires nationwide:

1. Interim Fire Report must be produced as a matter of
extreme urgency, eg several days or 2/3 weeks maximum on such fires. No
IFR has been provisioned to date.

2. Fire Safety Log Book must be update and
retained as per Fire Safety Act 2005.

3. Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) must be updated in line with
the Fire Safety Act 2005. No current FRA available at the Grenfell Tower.

4. All Resident Apartment/flats must be included in the Fire
Risk Assessment. At this Juncture the FRA does NOT include the
residents’ homes. This is an extremely dangerous practice.

5. Public Inquiries CANNOT meet their Terms of
Reference in the absence of FRA/Interim Fire Report and Fire Safety
Log Book.

6. The Fire Safety Act 2005 has been consistently abused
by the residents and owners of the Grenfell Tower.

7. Adequate Portable Fire Equipment should be
provided and maintained.

8. Adequate and professional fire practice training should be
maintained and recorded.

9. Police Authority needs further training how to
recover and identify victims’ bodies and maintain a body

10. Lessons learned from any fire must be captured and
disseminated to all relevant parties as a matter of extreme urgency.

11. Lessons learned – procedures at the Grenfell Fire are
tantamount to criminal negligence.

For your information action and files

Alan M Dransfield.