Email sent – 26/11/2017 13:43

Sir Martin More- Bick Chairman of the Public Inquiry

Mr Sadiq Khan MP and London Mayor

Dear Sirs

I have had more time to digest the Fire Risk Assessment
(FRA) written by Mr Carl C Stokes, not dated, not signed and not
approved. The FRA was compiled a few months before the cladding was
installed on the Grenfell Tower (GT).

This FRA does, in my view, support my claims the fire
at Grenfell Tower was foreseeable and preventable. It also supports my claims
the GT was unsafe and unfit for purpose owing to serious fire hazards based on the following irregularities:

1.The FRA did NOT include the apartment dwellings.

2. The apartment dwellings’ front doors have not been
provisioned with fire doors.

3. No mention of the PVC gas main running vertically up the
stair wells.

4. Large area of the GT not covered by the FRA.

5. Stay Put Policy Precaution – Page 5.

6. Roof access door permanently locked.

7. No reliance on external rescue eg Fireman’s Ladders – page

8. The Fire service will arrange the general evacuation – page 5.

9. General communal doors were only FD30 and should have
been FD 60.

10. Risk to Life TOLERABLE page 10.

11. Housekeeping non-existent

12. Storage of flammable material – paint, glue, white spirits etc not considered dangerous.

13. The Lifts CAN Be used in the event of a fire – Page 18.

14. 20th floor door always locked to the roof.

15. The FRA claimed the walls and ceiling were NOT in good
condition – page 21.

16. The FRA claims the emergency lighting for the
emergency escape routs were N/A – page 22.

17. FRA claims the street lighting would provide adequate coverage – page 27. What happens if the street lighting is switched
off at midnight?

18. No smoke alarms in dwellings – page 25

19. No portable fire fighting equipment – page 24.

20. No testing and maintenance of fire equipment – Page

21. No inspection of emergency escape route
lighting – Page 27

22. No inspection, testing or maintenance records kept.

23. No periodical inspection of any external
Eecape routes – Page 28

24. Fire Extinguishers condemned – Page 28

25. No fire training to residents.


At this juncture there is no amended updated FRA when the cladding refurbishment took place,and there is still no Interim Fire
Report. The Grenfell Tower was a CATASTROPHE waiting to happen, as are
dozen if not hundreds of other high rise buildings nationwide.

For your information, action and files.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

FOIA Campaigner and Social Watchdog.

Alan M Dransfield