Email sent – Sun 07/05/2017 05:51

To: Information Commissioner

Dear Madam

Christopher Graham (former Information Commissioner) is on record calling for a forensic inquiry into HS2; please see following URL link.

We now know the Tory Chairman, Sir Patrick McLoughlin, has sole primacy for the Freedom of Information Act, as
Chancellor to the Duchy of Lancaster.

What are you going to do
about this matter and what are you going to do about the fact the Tory
Chairman holds sole remit for the FOIA/ICO?

The situation at the ICO
is far worse than I had envisaged. The Tory Chairman can amend, distort and
renew section 45 of the said act on a whim.

You knew, or should have known, the ICO had lost their independence when Sir Patrick McLoughlin took over
the reins of the FOIA/ICO.

Yours in disgust