Email sent – 13/04/2017 11:53

Information Commissioner’s Office

Attn Elizabeth Denham

Dear Madam

I draw your attention to the following two(2) decision
notices, which are unlawful.

The first case is a complaint
brought against the Information Commissioner’s Office, in which the ICO has investigated against
themselves. This is not acceptable because the ICO lose their independence and
it is a gross conflict of interest. Any fair-minded person would agree that this
is not conducive to transparency and accountability.

I am not aware how many times this has happened, but I would
suggest you check your files and initiate a forensic inquiry into ICO v
ICO Decsion Notices. For sure, there are at least 1/2 Dransfield v ICO
decision notices. Being able to self-examine and self -investigate beggars belie,f but nothing surprises me anymore with the ICO. They
appear to be above the law. This may well be happening because of fiduciary failure in the chain of command right through to the Secretary of State, Karen Bradley, who is more than guilty of wilfull blindness.

The second case is related to
the Cabinet Office in which they have used the section 14/1
vexatious exemption. This decision is unlawful because you have failed to cite
the Court Precedent/Authority to the complainant. We must assume you were
relying upon the Dransfield vexatious hogwash Decision GIA
3037/2011, but you failed to include it in your Decision
Notice; hence, that DN is unlawful.

As you are aware, all my
correspondence to the ICO is being thrown straight into the bin or
at least not acknowledged.

It strikes me your Case
Management Team need further training into the FOIA 2000.

It is also very apparent that
the ICO is not double-checking their Decision Notices before publication. The
fact the ICO does not operate an ISO 9000 QA-QC is serious, which would
explain the root cause of such cock-ups.

I will take this opportunity to
report your Northern Ireland Representative Ken Macdonald who has failed to
respond to my FOIA requests against the HSE in Northern Ireland. At best,
the ICO both HQ and NI are treating me in a shabbily cavalier
manner, and at worst they are circumventing the FOIA 2000, section 77 in
particular, with an aim to pervert the course of Justice. I suggest the

I do believe the time has come for a forensic
investigation into the conduct of the ICO Management

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

FOIA Campaigner & Social Watchdog.