Email sent – 29/03/2017 16:01

Dear Mr Bradshaw MP

In light of the breaking, alarming news about PFI
schools Health and Safety issues nationwide, I really do believe you
should call for a full H&S audit on the 6 Exeter PFI Schools.
Looking through some old records, I note all the Exeter PFI schools
Completion Certificates were signed 4 years ahead of the Fire
Certificates. In layman’s language this is the horse before the cart.

As I am sure you will
appreciate the Completion Certificate should not be approved and signed before the fire inspection has been carried out. Not rocket science, is it Mr
Bradshaw? It is most suspicious that the Exeter City Council claim
they inspected all 6 schools for fire certifcation on the 9th May 2011. It is
physically not possible to conduct a fire inspection on 6 large PFI Schools on
the same day. It should be noted also that the mechanical and electrical sub contractors works on the 6 PFI Exeter schools have admitted to
a number of fire hazards in a number of PFI Schools and hospitals nationwide……

It beggars belief that the Exeter City Council (Building
Controllers) would allow 6 PFI schools to operate without a Fire Certificate
for 4 years. Most Bizarre……

As you are aware, the Upper
Tribunal refused my FOIA hearing last year because they claim my request
was vexatious.

Operating 6 schools without
Fire Certificate is at best remiss and at worst criminally negligent; I
suggest the latter. I call upon my MP to seek an explanation why these
6 PFI schools were not certified for Fire protection some 4years + after the
Completion Certificates.

I would also ask my MP to write to the Upper Tribunal and
ICO and ask them to revisit their vexatious decisions because it would
appear Dransfield’s FOIA request is nowhere near vexatious. There
no doubt in my mind you will not take the needful action, but it will
suffice my records that I have made such a request.

Skeptics might say, there’s no big deal, no fires, no
deaths and no injuries. My brain doesn’t work like that; I want to know why the
Exeter City Council Chief Building Controller Mr Alan Stoke (retired) appears
to have lost his moral compass and allowed school to operate in a legal void for
over 4 years. The Upper Tribunal Judge Wikeley is on record that I was
abusing the FOIA system and manifestly unreasonable and that my request was
without serious purpose or public interest. My response to that is hogwash. If you had any backbone at all you would be kicking doors
down at the DCC and City Council asking for a full inquiry into this
Dransfield Vexatious bullsh*t. These Fire Certicates are further concrete
evidence that my original FOIA request was benign, straightforward and noth in the Public Interest and with serious purpose

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan m Dransfield