Email sent – Thu 09/02/2017 19:34

Information Commissioner’s Office

Dear Mr Bailey and Mr Paul Arnold

In light of the breaking news from Scotland that the PFI
schools in Edinburgh, which blew down in the wind, have been officially
reported as unsafe by Mr John Cole’s report, I now ask you to reconsider your
vexatious decision last year against me ref the 6 PFI schools in Devon.

It also behoves your duty of care to contact the First Tier Tribunal and Upper Tier on this matter.

As you are aware the Devon
County Council refused my FOIA request for the As Built Health and Safety Files
on the grounds of a vexatious exemption, and the ICO upheld that vexatious

The only way to rebuild the public confidence in Devon as to whether or not these 6 PFI schools are
safe or not rely upon the release of the As Built Health and Safety

Please revisit your decision based on Mr John Coles’ report
in to public safety at PFI schools.

with thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

NB Ben Bradshaw MP

You really should take me seriously.