Email sent – Fri 13/01/2017 13:36

Dear Ben Bradshaw MP

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I wonder if anybody in the Labour Shadow Government
has noticed that KBW seem to get all the Government and ICO legal works. Don’t
you find that just a tad suspicious and possibly conflict of interest? In my
view, it is also a breach of EU and UK trade laws ref tendering
requirements etc.

Can you please give your
Shadow Govt guys a nudge on this matter please?

We have two huge cases before
the ECHR, first the Magyar Helsinki Bizottsag case (decided), which the Tory thugs attempted to scupper and any moment now we have the Kennedy v UK coming
before the ECHR, and it would appear that the UK Government is pumping
thousands of pounds on this case also. Would this money be better used on the
NHS for example?

I fervently believe the UK Government’s motives on both cases are politically driven and to prevent the UK general public from
reasonable protection of their human and civil rights. In layman’s
language the Tory bullyboys are screwing the general public again, and the lazy shadow government is snoozing.

In essence, the Tory Party is protecting George Gallaway on
this Kennedy V UK Court case. What’s that all about?. He must be laughing all
the way to the bank.

Millions of pounds are being spent by the Tory Party on political whims, ie
both the Magyar and Kennedy Case are benign, straightforward and in the general public interests. To compound matters further, we have a shadow government who, at best, are sleeping on the job or, at worst, sleeping in the
same bed as the … Tory Party, who, are hell-bent on removing the
Human Rights and Civil Rights Protection laws for the UK Citizens.

Look forward to your response.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

FOIA Campaigner and Social Watchdog