Email sent – 10/07/2016 08:21

Att the Information
Commissioner’s Personal Assistant, Miss Louise Mottershead.

Dear Madam

I wish to offer irrefutable, tangible evidence that my
original FOIA request to the Devon County Council copy of the sought after data subject to
my original FOIA request. In particular, I refer to the As Built Health and
Safety File which is attached and some 300 plus pages.

May I suggest you run a search engine of this PDF file under
Lightning and you will not find one single entry? I suggest you even try the
incorrect spelling of lightening and still you will find not one single
entry either.

In a nutshell, this As
Built Health and Safety File (ABHSF) shows my request was in the public
interest and my allegations of wrong doing by the Devon County Council were factual and
well founded. The attached document was published under a FOIA request to a
3rd party via the What Do They Know website in 2014.

This attached file also proves
without a shadow of doubt the DCC committed perjury and the ICO have knowingly
and willfuly submitted false and misleading information to the FTT/UT/Court of
Appeal and Supreme Court.

I wish this attached document and this letter to be placed
in the in-tray of the new Information Commissioner because when she reads this
attached document she will surely instigate an internal inquiry in the
Dransfield Vexatious decision. The existence of this ABHSF has been known by
all parties since my original FOIA request in April 2009.

The attached ABHSF is
irrefutable,concrete evidence that the ICO has been part of a wider
conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and in particular the willful breach
of section 77 of the said act.

Suggestions and

Arrange an urgent meeting with the New Information
Commissioner, Miss Denham with the full board of ICO directors to discuss
this Dransfield Vexatious case. ………

The ramifications of this are very serious because the Dransfield Vexatious request must be revoked as a
matter of urgency, which means approx 1800 Vexatious decisions handed down by
the ICO as a Dransfield Court Authority shall also be revoked. Ditto for the
1000 ICO decisions under the EIR-2004

Any such meeting at the ICO will be pointless unless I
attend personally, with my Legal adviser.

Owing to the gravity of my allegations, please acknowledge
receipt of this letter.

Quite frankly, given my allegations of wrongdoing by Senior ICO officials
behooves the ICO to call for a criminal investigation by Cheshire Police

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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