Email sent –

Leicester City Council
FOIA Department
Dear Tracey

I acknowledge and thank your for the FOIA Package for 4 PFI
schools in your district, which I received yesterday via Royal Mail. I now
request a review because I claim the information you sent me was not as per my
FOIA request.

My request was was for a copy of the AS BUILT HEALTH AND SAFETY
FILES. The information which you sent by post was for four (4) PFI

1. Judgemeadow Community College

2. Crown Hiils College

3. City of Leicester

4. Soar Valley

The information you sent me was not the As Built HSF; it was
the pre-construction HSE files which are a completely different animal altogether.

It is clear from the data which
you sent is written in the future tense ,i.e pre-,construction the documents refer to
the design shall be, the new school shall be, the classrooms shall be, the road
shall be, the roof shall be, the fire hazard plans shall be, the safety system
shall be etc. The consistent use of shall be is a clear indication the data you
sent was not the ABHSF. The dates on this data also support my claims., ie

The data on the ABHSF would be post completion

However, I do commend the
Leicester City Council for releasing this information which they considered to
be the As Built HSE files because my own public authority have refused a
similar request under section 14/1 of the FOIA -2000 vexatious exemption.

It is consistently obvious to
me the Leicester City Council are not aware of the difference between Pre
-Construction Files and As Built HSF.

The total number of pages received in the package is approx
200 pages and the package weighed about 3/4 kilos which also which is yet
another indicator that the data you sent was not the sought after data.

As Built Health and Safety Files for 4 PFI schools would
weigh in the region of 4-500 KG; hence, that is why I asked for PDF files
which are available according to the information you sent yesterday because it
refers to the BUZZASAW System.

I would also point out that the four files you sent yesterday breach the DATA 1998 because there is not
one single redaction.

The files includes personal details of personnel.

I also note that one of the
schools appears to have been built on a Landfill Sitewhich is still gassing.

Please do not hesitate to
contact me should you need further clarification between Pre-Construction data
and As Built Data.

The information you sent me confirms that Miller
Construction was the Principle Contractor for these schools. They were the same
Contractor whose PFI schools in Scotland were subject to serious H&S defect
a few weeks ago.

With thanks

Yours Sincerely

Alan M Dransfield