Email sent – 28/06/2016 06:26

Dear Mr Bradshaw MP

Forches Primary School

As you are aware the 500 plus schools in Devon under the
Devon County Council remit have not been provisioned with any Lightning Risk

I have recently received a Risk
Assessment Schedule for this school along with the latest Lightning Protection
Test results.

The Lightning Test results
confirms the Lightning Protection System does NOT comply with the
BS/EN/ 62305/2011.

Their risk
assessment schedule also confirms the school has asbestos within the building
and does NOT include any reference to lightning.

I have to say that this
particular school is relying upon a generic Risk Assessment ref the Devon
County Council Education Authority ref their form RA03, which at best is unsafe and at worst, unlawful. Risk Assessment shall be site specific.

It must be assumed the other 500 plus schools are also
reliant upon generic risk assessment form RA03 for all risks. This is a very dangerous practice and I call upon my MP to call for a public inquiry
into all aspects of Health & Safety at Devon Schools.

For your information, action and files

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield