Email sent – Tue 31/05/2016 06:10

To – <>

Dear Sirs

Please see the HSENI report on
the collapsed Wind Turbine in Co Tyrone Northern Ireland.

I now wish to elevate this
complaint to the ICO because there is new evidence now available that the HSENI
are acting in consort with 3rd parties to cover up crimes. The new
evidence I refer to is photographs that the debris from the collapsed wind
turbine offers far more threat to the general public than reported by the

I fully understand my
request to the ICO exceeds the time limit for the ICO as laid down by the FOI
but the new evidence I now hold confirms the HSENI have acted in bad faith.

Moreover and more importantly,the HSENI attached report
supports my allegations that they have acted in bad faith. Their report has been
redacted to approx 80% .

No person applying a right and proper mind would redact a public document to such a degree and Christopher Graham the IC is on record
saying documents which are heavily redacted generally reflect wrongdoing.

I consider my request comes under the FOIA/2000 and not the
EIR 2004. Granted, it is ref a wind turbine but that does not equate to EIRA

For your information, action and

with thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield