Emai sent – Wed 11/05/2016 07:05

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Further to my earlier email, the following statement is from
the St Lukes As Built “Devon
County Council in compliance with their Statutory obligations under the

Construction (Design) and Management Regulations 1994 appointed Mowlem plc, to
act as Planning Supervisor for this project. Mowlem plc have compiled this Health
and Safety File in accordance with Regulations 14(d)-(f) and. the Approved Code
Practice, Appendix 4″

At best, this statement is BS and at
worst was designed to defraud the Ttxpayer; I suggest the latter.

The As Built HS File for the St Luke PFI school in Exeter is non
-compliant to CDM regulation and that’s the sole reason why the Devon County Council has refused my FOIA request under their Vexatious exemption.

I have every reason to believe the other 5 PFI schools are in a
similar sorry state to the 60-70 PFI schools in Scotland which have been closed
down. The difference being the oversight authorities in Scotland are taking the
issues seriously whilst the DCC top Bbass are complicit in a major fraud/scandal/cover-up.

Wakey Wakey Mr Bradshaw

Alan M Dransfield