Email sent –

Richard Bailey

Information Commissioner Solicitor

Dear Sir

It is fairly obvious that the ICO has neglected their
legal remit under the Aarhus Convention and please be advised that I have now
made an official complaint to UNECE.

The tangible evidence that the ICO have acted illegally
can be viewed at the ICO website and in particular the ICO decision notice
GIA/3037/2011!Dransfield v ICO.

There is demonstrable evidence on file that the ICO and
in particular Christopher Graham has acted willfully and illegally to prevent
the British general public’s access to environmental information regarding numerous issues from wind turbines energy,
PFI schools, lightning protection – the list is endless.

I put you on notice that I have now placed an official
complaint against the ICO and Christopher Graham and your good self who have
acted in bad faith to obstruct my access to the FOIA 2000 and EIR 2004.

For your information,action and files

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield