Email sent – 13/04/2016 06:44

Dear Mr Bradshaw MP

I have four
theories for the structural failures at the PFI schools (total number of
affected schools unknown):-

1. Design and construction fraud to omit cavity wall
and steel column brick and block ties.

2. Repeated lightening strikes on unprotected buildings which have caused the building to
collapse in high winds.

3. Close-by wind turbines have blown the school walls

4. A herd of pigs
near the school have huffed and puffed to blow down the schools .

Whilst numbers
3 & 4 theories have little value in reaching the full truth, they should not
be rejected out of hand.

Do you feel the
need to talk to me at one of your friday night surgeries yet?


Sherlock Holmes would say, “Firstly , my dear Watson,
remove the impossible and whatever remains must be the truth.” It’s not
rocket science is it Mr B, even you might be able to resolve this little

With thanks

Yours etc