Email sent – 16/03/2016 07:10

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I am sure you are aware that the EC of Human Rights
have recently overhauled their Appeal
Application system to improve their transparency, accountability and security
(TAS). Guess what? Their TAS system is still not working, as their attached letter clearly indicates.

The EC have refused my application on the sole grounds of
one missing document,i.e., The grounds of Appeal to the Supreme Court.

It is not a big issue for me to send a copy of the
Supreme Court Grounds to Appeal and the EC are wrong to destroy the whole application based upon such a small oversight i.e., zero tolerance to errors.

It is a big issue for me to re-send the whole package, but
I will jump through their silly little hoops in the interest of justice and
the saviour of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

I call upon my MP to write to the European Courts of
Human Rights and Justice and the UK MEP Justice Committee seeking reassurance
that the general public are allowed fair access to the EC of Human Rights. I am
sure you are familiar with the saying, “justice delayed is justice

I am sure any fair minded person would agree that the EC
of Human Rights are wrong to debar application based on one missing document.

I rather suspect that Miss Lafferty, the UK Government
Gatekeeper, is lurking around the Application Registrar to debar the average Joe
Bloggs and to debar access to the Human Rights Courts.

For your information, action and files

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield