Email sent – Sat 20/02/2016 07:13

Attn of Lady Justice Goddard

Chair of the Child Sex Inquiry

Dear Madam

As you are aware, we have exchanged correspondence several
times before in which I have made serious allegations ref HM Judges and the
Information Commisisoner’s Office, whom, I claim are unlawfully using section 14/1 of the FOIA 2000 to obstruct justice and to pervert the course of justice.

Please see the Supreme Court decision ref UKSC/2015/0173
Dransfield v ICO, which I claim is part of a wider conspiracy to circumvent the
FOIA 2000 and in particular to breach section 77 of the said act to cover up child sex crimes.

This Supreme Courtdecision will surely compromise your current
inquiry. Please be aware, I have now made a formal appeal application against
the Supreme Court order to the European Court of Human Rights.

For your information, action and files.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield