Evidence to the Parliamentary Inquiry From the Information Commissioner:

CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM: “Well, fees would impose their own

because there’s a cost in levying a fee, for a start. I
think any fee that you

contemplated would be unlikely to meet the costs of actually
dealing with

Freedom of Information requests and there would be a certain
amount of

cost in actually issuing the invoice. I wish public
authorities would actually

use the provisions of the Act to turn away some of the most

stuff. We’ve got clear exemption in section 14 of the Act
for the manifestly

vexatious request, but public authorities who are
complaining about how

terrible life is and how burdensome it is because of all of
these sad, mad

and bad people who
are bombarding them with questions are most

reluctant to use the section 14 power, despite the fact that
our guidance is very clear,

guidance supported in a decision of First-tier
Tribunal only this

week, who are very firm in their dismissal of a completely

obsessive requester, and public authorities just ought to be
a bit braver

about saying no.”

these vexatious requesters are indeed Sad,Bad Madmen, why is the Information Commissioner’s Office spending millions of pounds fighting such cases?