Email sent – 01/02/2016 05:47

Attn of the Rt Hon Lord Dyson

Master of the Rolls at the UK Supreme Court

Dear Sir

I wish to make a formal complaint against 3 Supreme Court
Judges and my Case Manager.

They are:

1.Lord Clarke

2.Lord Wilson

3.Lord Carnwath

4. Mr Greenberg, Case Manager.

My complaint of malfeasance and abuse of power is related to
case ref UKSC/2015/0173 and the decision dated 14th Dec 2015.

Since the decision was sent to me (11/1/16), I have lodged 3
official complaints to my case manager, Mr Greenberg, and to date my
correspondence has been ignored.

I have also made two requests for an Exhaustion Certificate.

There is demonstrable evidence that these three Supreme
Court Judges are complicit with the Court of Appeal and the ICO to circumvent
the FOIA 2000 via unlawful use of section 14/1 Vexatious Exemptions. Moreover
and more importantly section 77 of the said act is knowingly and willfully
abused by these three Law Lords and Lower Courts,

No persons applying a right and proper mind could have
reached the same decision as the 3 Supreme Court judges reached on the 14th Dec
2015. Therefore, their decision was reached via a perverse mindset.

The ramifications of the three Lord Decisions are serious
and include:

A. HM The Queen and other Royal Family Members are placed in
mortal danger whenever they visit the Olympic Village or the Houses of
Parliament, owing to serious Lightning Protection irregularities and defects.

B. Lady Goddard’s Child Sex Scandal inquiryhas been compromised.

C. The general public are being denied their legal rights and protection under the FOIA 2000 and EIR-2004.

D. Public Authorities nationwide are knowingly and willfully
abusing HM Statutory Act as a tool to assist fraud and cover up serious and
heinous crimes. In layman’s terms the Vexatious trump card is being used
as a Get Out Of Jail Free Card.

E. The general public’s safety has been compromised nationwide.

Nothwithstanding the veracity of my allegations, the gravity
of my claims above behoves your office to intervene.

For your information, action and files

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield