Email sent –

UK Supreme Court

Mr Greenberg,Case Manager

Dear Sir

Further to my earlier email ref the UK Supreme Court document seals, I have re-examined the one page Judgement Seal dated 14th Dec 2015
signed by your Registrar (illegible name) and the light blue seal has NOT been
added onto the Judgement Paper i.e., it is an integral part of the original

I have also re-examined my application forms for my Notice
of Appeal and it can be clearly seen the Supreme Court seal has been added to the
document as per your rules of procedures.

Therefore it would seem that the one page Judgement Paper dated 14/12/15 is not in line with your own Rules of Procedure dated 2009
and, in particular, rule 16.5.

(5) An order of the Court
shall be prepared and sealed by the Registrar to record any decision made under this rule.

I also note the Judgement date is the same date which my application was considered i.e., 14th Dec 2015!??

I do not accept your registrar should be sending out spider squiggle without their full identity.

Please add this to my long list of complaints ref irregularities
and anomalies with the Dransfield case.

Please also consider this as a formal request to quash the
Expenses order in para 2 of your purported Court Order, owing to the anomalies
and irregularities.

In a nutshell, the one page piece of paper you sent to me
does not constitute a COURT ORDER or a COURT JUDGEMENT/DOCUMENT. It is part of
a wider conspiracy to gag Joe Public.

For you information, the registrar name appears to be Loiuse
di Maurinho.

For your information, action and files.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield