Email sent – Wed 09/12/2015 06:04

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I am sure you will recognise this photograph, which is at
the Sandy Park Rugby Stadium, home to the Exeter Chiefs. This photo was taken
last year after the recent stadium improvements.

As you are well aware, I am on record claiming the Sandy Park
and the Pedestrian Bridge are lightning deathtraps and both are unsafe &
unfit for purpose.

This photograph proves without doubt the Sandy Park Stadium
is non compliant to BS/EN 62305 Lightning Protection System (LPS)

The pole which you can see is one of the 4 floodlight towers and is less than 500mm from the Main Stand has not been provisioned
with adequate LPS and in particular potential ground rise and overflash from the pole to stadium and vice versa.

It is also very clear from the photograph that theroof material is a PVC or plastic material to allow optimum
light. However, the stadium design required the roof to be of Metal/Aluminum – to
be used in lieu of Lightning Finals.

May I suggest you forward this photograph to a lightning consultant and ask for a second opinion please? In the event you have no access
to such expertise, I can recommend one of the World’s finest lightning protection consultants, i.e. Mr Ernest NR Duckworth who is based in the
USA and hence maintains independence.

For your information,action and files

With thanks.

Alan M Dransfield