“An energy consultant and the wife of a Plymouth building contractor have admitted taking part in a £260,000 corruption scandal at Exeter City Council.Gary Rawlings and Linda McMayon changed their pleas on the first day of what was scheduled to be their trial at Exeter Crown Court.

They will now be sentenced later this month alongside former Exeter City Council housing manager Anthony Bodgin, who has already admitted accepting huge bribes for handing out maintenance contracts.

McMayon is the wife of Plymouth builder Kevin Wingrave, who has admitted paying £262,000 to Bodgin to secure work for him or linked contractors.

Rawlings runs a consultancy in Bedfordshire and received £88,830 from Exeter City Council for work that did not exist and paid a £33,000 kickback in return.

The pleas mean that all five defendants have now admitted their part in the corruption racket which cost council tax payers hundreds of thousands of pounds before it was uncovered in 2013.

The key man at the council was Anthony Bodgin, now aged 65, but formerly in charge of special housing projects and tenant liaison at the council.

Bodgin, of Melbourne Street, Tiverton, admitted a total of eight counts including theft, fraud, conspiracy and misuse of his public office almost two years ago.

Wingrave, aged 52, of Periwinkle Drive, Plymouth, has admitted five counts of conspiring with others to cause Mr Bodgin to commit misconduct in public office.

These related to bribes of £262,000 for fitting roof vents, scaffolding, surveying and other building work.

His partner McMayon, aged 58, of the same address, has now admitted two counts of transferring criminal property. These involve payments of £99,300 made from Wingrave’s MAC Surveying company to an account set up by Bodgin called AB Surveying.

Builder Harold McGirl, aged 63, of Southbourne Road, St Austell, admitted one count relating to a payment of £5,000 to Bodgin to secure a £81,000 contract.

The last defendant to plead guilty was Gary Rawlings, aged 59, of Langford, Biggleswade, who admitted fraud.

He admitted making false representations in an invoice between September 28, 2010 and January 31, 2011, that he was entitled to £88,830 from Exeter City Council for carrying out energy surveys.

Recorder Mr John Wright adjourned sentence to September 25.

In the meantime he is due to carry out a fact finding hearing to determine the roles played by Bodgin and Wingrave in the scam.

All the defendants were bailed and McMayon and Rawlings were told they will not receive immediate jail sentences.”