The Information Commissioner has declared sensible questions regarding PFI school safety as “vexatious”. Whose side is he on? I often wonder.

Comments from this article:-

“My child goes to a PFI funded school which suffered for many years from a legionella contaminated water supply. The value for money we are getting as taxpayers from this PFI scam (there is no better term for PFI than ‘scam’) is so incredibly poor and the evaluation of PFI so woefully deficient that I often wonder whether their best purpose could be to serve as an interesting school project – let the kids look at the facts, do the sums and form their conclusions”

“The ‘excuse’ is that PFI delivers a better product, faster, at a better price. Faster and at a better price is no doubt achievable, but thinking you will get a better product is to display naivety on an epic scale. As soon as you factor in profit, then you guarantee corner cutting. What I do know for sure (from somebody involved in PFI projects) is that PFI procurement is a farce and lots of people get opportunities to stick their snout in the trough. Bet that comes as a surprise.”