Email sent – 14/08/15 06.28

Sports Ground Safety Authority.

Dear Mr Perkins

There is no point giving me any email contact for the Devon
County Council because they have imposed a lifetime email ban against me.
Please see the As Built H&S File (ABHSF) attached which supports my
allegations that the Rugby Bridge is unsafe and unfit for purpose.

I appreciate this is not the ABHSF for the Rugby Stadium but
rest assured the Stadium itself is a Lighting deathtrap. The Rugby Stadium is
non-compliant to the BS/EN 62305/2008 .

It would automatically follow that the Stadium Safety
Certificate has been obtained under fraudulent means.

As you are aware, the Rugby World Cup matches will be played
in the Sandy Park stadium and visitors, players. officials and spectator
safety has been compromised because of Lightning Protection failures.

I would also remind you of similar LPS failures on the
Olympic Stadium which has placed HM The Queen in mortal danger.

The Sports Ground Safety Authority have failed their duty of
care and I would be most grateful if you would give me your line manager’s name
and email please.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield