Email sent – 02/08/15 at 08.21

Attn the Mayor of London Mr Boris Johnson. and the London
Legacy Authority(LLA)

Dear Sirs

Let’s not beat about the bush here, I claim the the London
Olympic Stadium is unsafe and unfit for purpose owing to fraud by the Balfour
Beatty Group (BBG) and in particular the Lightning Protection.

Please see the attached Lightning Risk Assessment which is
irrefutable evidence the new stadium is non-compliant with BS/EN62305/2008.

Please refer to the main four (4) Lightning Protection
criteria on page 1 of 10 and you will clearly see that 3 of the 4 criteria have
been omitted.

Moreover and more importantly, please see the date of this
so called Risk Assessment. It is dated 24th April this year, which quite frankly
beggars belief as the LRA should be conducted at Design Phase.

sIn essence, this attached documents is irrefutable evidence
the new Stadium is unsafe and unfit for purpose owing to gross criminal
negligence by the BBG and the LLA.

I would strongly recommend and suggest this stadium is
closed down and prevented from public use until a FULL LIGHTNING RISK
ASSESSMENT has been carried out.

I would be most grateful if the Mayor of London will forward
this email and attachment to the Royal Household Security Team because I
maintain this attached document is irrefutable evidence the Queen and other
Royals have been placed in mortal danger

For you information, action and files

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield