Email sent – 30/07/15 06.36


Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to lodge a formal complaint against 3 of your
Solicitors :

1. Mr Tom Cross

2. Miss Rachael Khamm

3. Mr Christopher Wright.

There is compelling evidence on file that your Tom Cross and
Rachael Khamm have knowingly and purposely perverted the course of Justice for
several years relating to a FOIA case which has gone through the Courts
right up the Court of Appeal. I refer to the CoA ref case C3/2013/1855
Dransfield v ICO and 11KBW have provided leading Counsel on ALL occasions at
great cost to the public purse.

Both Cross and Kamm failed to identify that this case
was pursued by them even though the incorrect jurisdiction was apparent.
The jurisdiction error was because the second respondent in this Case, i.e the
Devon County Council (DCC) were not the legal owners of the FOIA subject i.e the
Exeter Chiefs Rugby Bridge.

The DCC did not become the legal custodians of the
FOIA subject until Jan 2013 some 5 years post my FOI request, hence not
subject to the FOIA 2000.

11KBW knew or should have known about the jurisdictional error…..

They also failed to recognise that my FOIA subject requests
which included serious Health & Safety issues were indeed well founded; hence, vexatious exemptions could and should not be applied.


To my knowledge your Christopher Wright has had no direct
involvement in this case but he has written on the Dransfield Vexatious
Decision at some length; hence, he must have known about the jurisdictional error.

I fervently believe that 11 KBW are conniving and colluding
with the ICO to gag Joe Public via the Dransfield Case.

Actions and inactions by your Cross and Khamm hold
serious ramifications:

1. It places HM The Queen and other royal members in mortal danger
when they visit the Olympic Stadium or the House of Parliament, as both premises
have not been provisioned with adequate Lightning Protection.

2. It has compromised Lady Justice Goddard’s Child Sex
Scandal inquiry

Not withstanding the veracity of my complaints, it behoves
the 11KBW CEO to call for an immediate inquiry into Cross, Khamm and Wright.

I reserve the right to seek costs against 11KBW for the
libellous comments and damages to my good family name.

In the event my allegation are correct about the jurisdictional error, it would automatically follow that 11 KBW are responsible for the 450 plus vexatious exemptions handed down by the ICO on the Court of
Authority UKUT/2012 440/AAC a.k.a GIA/3037/2011.

For your information, action and files

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield