Richard Bailey is the Senior Solicitor at the Information
Commissioners Office (ICO). Unfortunately his actions and inactions have
allowed the ICO to freefall into meltdown and has allowed the gagging of Joe

In particular, please see the Upper Tribunal decision
2012,UTUK-440/ACC aka GIA/3037/2011 Dransfield v ICO &Devon County Council.

This case has been allowed to navigate its way through the waters of justice from the ICO /FTT/UT and the Court of Appeal costing
many thousands of pounds from the public purse.

The CoA upheld the UT vexatious decision in May this year
under C3/2013/1855 Dransfield v ICO.

Interestingly, it was Richard Bailey who appealed the FTT non-vexatious decision and not the public authority i.e the Devon County Council (DCC).

In actual fact, this case crashed on take off because the
PA (DCC) were not the rightful or legal owners of the sought after
data ie the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Bridge in Devon. Hence, this was not under the
protection of the FOIA 2000. In other words this case was conducted by
HM Judges under the wrong jurisdiction.

Alan M Dransfield, the infamous Devon FOIA Campaigner, claims
the FOIA is under attack from the ICO in order to gag Joe Public.