The Tories have now
introduced an inquiry into the Freedom of Information Act led by none other than the Rt Hon Jack
Straw, implicated regards weapons of mass destruction and the legalities of the Iraq War.

It is not the FOIA which
requires an inquiry, it is the conduct of the ICO, who are hell bent on
gagging Joe Public, and they are using the Dransfield Vexatious decision as a tool to justify the weakening or axing of the
FOIA 2000.

An ocular inspection of the
ICO decsion notice website will confirm the Dransfield Vexatious Case ref
GIA/3037/2011 has been used approx 400 times since Jan 2013.

The ICO is in meltdown, the
Ministry of Justice have failed their duty of care.

There must be a public
inquiry into the conduct of Commissioner Christopher Graham.

Alan M Dransfield