“On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 12:25 PM, Paul Trummel <trummel@contracabal.org>

Final Notice

Graham Smith, Deputy Information Commissioner
Information Commissioner’s Office, UK.

As Christopher Graham, Information Officer considers himself above the law, his
three deputies become responsible and will be served jointly and severally.
They continue to use wilful blindness as a defence to criminal activity, now
rampant in ICO, by withholding information and sabotaging legitimate requests
for information. ICO has hacked web sites in an attempt to destroy or censor
published information which construes as prior restraint. The investigation includes
all open cases on ICO records that it has either ignored or processed
disingenuously during the past three years. The three deputies (the deputized
trio) have joint and several liability and will be accused of misconduct in
public office in UK and web hacking in US.

“Censorship by
hacking” ranks among Internet criminal functions defined as acts of
terrorism. Alleged illegal Internet hacking by ICO established by intent,
points to a cover-up of misconduct by ICO and MoJ (ironically a week before a general
election) which forms a pattern or practice of contextomy. Documented blackmail
and extortion by ICO and sabotage of a public inquiry by MoJ also forms part of
the current criminal investigation.

The Journalist lodged preliminary information with the Deputy Chief
Constable earlier this week (connected with other issues) which adjunctly
addresses fraudulent filing of criminal complaints and the repeated harassment
by police officers at the Journalist’s flat based upon unsubstantiated
Communications Act 2003, Chapter 21 charges. By that, ICO maliciously submitted
false information to police officers in violation of the human rights of the
elderly Journalist.

Cheshire Constabulary (Gareth Lawrence) acted upon those unfounded complaints
and harassed the Journalist without providing evidence to him as a potential
defendant. A defendant is entitled to receive disclosure of material necessary
to enable legal advisors to assess prosecution and give informed advice.
Documents obtained under DPA show that Lawrence has proceeded despite repeated
requests to substantiate his claims of criminal activity as required by
Criminal Procedure Rules 2010, Part 10.

Wilful blindness always results in disaster for its participants (especially
when they are lawyers or police officers) as they will find out at an
international level. The complaints span the past five years during which the
Journalist has endured persistent harassment by frivolous and vexatious
complaints from ICO staff members and police officers. Instead of doing the job
that the law requires and for which the public pays them, they have
sycophantically followed orders and committed crimes orchestrated by an
allegedly psychopathic Information Commissioner. The deputy ICO commissioner
trio will now have to account for their wilful blindness and assume
responsibility for crimes committed by their “omnipotent” leader.

The damage to the web sites is estimated at £100,00.00. According to advanced
technology investigators in US presently examining the systems damage with a
view to filing complaints with FBI, the cost will increase incrementally
following the results of forensic evaluation. Meanwhile, the publishing costs
increase due to repairing and replacing data on the damaged web sites that now
have content contextually altered to distort meaning by ICO and operating
systems bastardized by the hacking.

The attached PDF contains a copy of the deleted content that resulted from the
hacking which clearly points to ICO and forms stage one of the forensic
investigation. However, considerably more damage was effected to the other
three Contra Cabal sites which will probably take several months/years
to repair. Those sites are four of the largest non-profit web sites on the
Internet and the hacking has adversely affected all of them because they have a
common server and linked databases.

ICO has ignored all
warnings regarding previous interference with these sites and has
disingenuously tried to use published material out-of-context to support
“vexatious” claims against the Journalist when the correct procedure
is to challenge any inaccuracy of content with the Editor to allow correction,
if needed. Published material now forms part of vindictive attacks upon the
Journalist the use of a non-binding “vexatious decision” now
awaiting a court determination. FOIA/EIR/DPA request procedure and any
contextomy (use out of context) by extracting content from published media to
support legal argument under those Acts construes as a criminal prevarication.

The hacking took place within hours of publication if the following
update to an article. That shows deliberate intent to silence (gag) the
Journalist. This excerpt gives reason to the hacking because Alan M Dransfield,
an investigative building engineer specializing in health and safety lightening
and other risks in public buildings (particularly The House of Lords) has been
constantly harassed by ICO in attempts to gag him for several years (See full
text in appended PDF pages 29 through 40):

“In relation to
the institutional status of the ICO, Leveson recommended that Government
consider amending DPA to reconstitute it as an Information Commission led by a
Board of Commissioners with suitably broad expertise. He concluded that a
number of significant drawbacks exist in the single commissioner model which
make organisation vulnerable to pressure with profile and reputation focused on
an individual, Christopher S Graham.

Leveson stressed that the absence of an effective senior executive board
exposes the office to an oligarchic style of leadership with insufficient
internal checks and balances which results in incoherent management of
priorities, business risks, resources and performance. That proved true in the
recent lack of proportionality and uncontrolled behaviour of Graham in
processing hundreds of FOIA/EIR/DPA vexatious decisions which gave cause for
GIA/3037/2011 Dransfield v ICO and Devon County Council now awaiting appellate
decision C3/2013/1855.

Proportionality, a general principle in law, covers several special (although
related) concepts used as a criterion of fairness and justice in statutory
interpretation processes. It especially
applies to constitutional law as a logical method intended to assist in
discerning the correct balance between the restriction imposed by a corrective
measure and the severity of the nature of the prohibited act. Within criminal
law, it conveys the notion that the punishment of an offender should fit the
crime. A crime has to not only be clearly defined but proven using statutes and
valid legal precedents. That means not only arbitrarily quoting laws, but also
arguing in each case how they specifically apply to each and every given

The content of the PDF forms part of the allegations of misconduct in public
office (an argument supported by precedents in UK and US). Destroying
specifically designated published evidence, as can be seen in the PDF, also
adds credibility to the claims of censorship and prior restraint. It shows that
the damage was not caused vicariously by rogue hackers, instead, it shows
deliberate criminal intent by ICO (in a consort with MoJ, HSE and HCA) to
distort the continuum prior to a general election.

nota bene

T.Inspector 4190 Forshaw, Cheshire
Please treat this information as a separate, second complaint in the string
of outstanding complaints against police officers during the past five years. I
will advise you of them separately. You can find other relevant web pages by
clicking the links within the contents page in the attached PDF.

Paul Trummel (the Journalist)
Professor Emeritus, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

A Non-Profit Company Incorporated under the Laws of the State of North
Carolina, USA.

Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 11:07:47 +0100
To: Graham Smith <graham.smith@ico.org.uk>
From: Paul Trummel <trummel@contracabal.org>
Subject: Criminal Complaints by ICO – 880-37-58-smith-gf
Cc: Simon Entwisle <simon.entwisle@ico.org.uk>, David F Smith <david.smith@ico.org.uk>

Final request for contact information.

If I do not receive these email addresses immediately, then I
will bring personal charges against each of you, (Simon Entwisle, David Smith
and Graham Smith) under Fraud Act 2006 for deliberately withholding information
that you have a duty as a public sector official to provide. I will include all
the instances of previous withholding (also lack of response to correspondence
that caused me harm) and the malicious filing of false and misleading criminal
complaints against me which caused repeated personal harassment against me by
Cheshire police that you allegedly instigated.

See links below.

Paul Trummel, Profesaor Emeritus.

Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 16:44:39 +0100
To: Graham Smith <graham.smith@ico.org.uk>
From: Paul Trummel <trummel@contracabal.org>
Subject: Criminal Complaints by ICO – 880-37-58

Email addresses required by return email for Beaton, Watmore, and Wood.

Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 16:36:51 +0100
To: Ailsa Beaton <ailsa.beaton@ico.org.uk>,
Andrew Hind <andrew.hind@ico.org.uk>,
Ian Watmore <ian.watmore@ico.org.uk>,
Nicola Wood <nicola.wood@ico.org.uk>
From: Paul Trummel <trummel@contracabal.org>
Subject: Fwd: Criminal Complaints by ICO – 880-37-58
Cc: Simon Entwisle <simon.entwisle@ico.org.uk>, David F Smith <david.smith@ico.org.uk>,
Graham Smith <graham.smith@ico.org.uk>


Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2015 10:03:22 +0100
To: Graham Smith <graham.smith@ico.org.uk>
From: Paul Trummel <trummel@contracabal.org>
Subject: Criminal Complaints by ICO – 880-37-58
Cc: Simon Entwisle <simon.entwisle@ico.org.uk>, Andrew Hind <andrew.hind@ico.org.uk>,
David F Smith <david.smith@ico.org.uk>

Graham Smith, Deputy Information Commissioner
Information Commissioners Office

I am now preparing chronologies to address the frivolous and vexatious criminal
complaints that ICO has filed against me (which Cheshire Constabulary have
confirmed in writing without particularity). I have been harassed by police
officers entering my address four times late at night during the last year
(without a warrant) after they intimidated other elderly residents to let them
into the building and disclosed confidential information to them. The police
claim serious criminal violations of DPA filed by the Information Commissioner
as the reason for their outrageous behaviour.

I request that you send to me within 10 days copies of those complaints and all
documents related to the accusations made against me citing, with
particularity, how I have violated UK laws. ICO public sector officials have
maintained anonymity on several of these issues (despite repeated requests for
them to identify themselves); consequently, I am now attributing all the issues
relating to ICO to you personally as the author and responsible party. This
applies to all issues described on the web pages listed below (PDFs can be
downloaded from those pages) and the eighteen requests that have been allegedly
subjected to blackmail and extortion for almost two years.





This request is in my capacity as an international journalist under
Practice Directions, Part 31, Disclosure and Inspection of Documents and other
EU statutes in pari materia that address court pre-filing disclosure of
documents. Please acknowledge receipt within 48 hours.

I have discussed these issues with a US attorney (brother to a State Governor)
after spending 35 years handling FOIA in the US myself. His opinion of the UK
Information Commissioner was that he is a “chucklehead”. The
experience that I and many others have had with Christopher Graham concurs with
that definition. You now have an opportunity to mitigate the damage that he has
caused which includes his conspiracy to defraud in a consort with What Do they
Know which has prevented me from using that facility for almost two years.

If I do not receive a response which includes the requested documents (and
responses to all previous correspondence on which you have practiced wilfull
blindness) by the deadline Friday, 01 May 2015, then I will file criminal
complaints for misconduct in public office against you personally and
complaints with SRA against you for practicing as a solicitor without a
certificate and using other solicitors (public officials) as unidentified proxies.

Prepublication Notice

Individuals featured in Contra Cabal receive prior notice in
accordance with codes of ethics agreed among journalists. Several of those
codes have international legal precedent. They provide an opportunity to
mitigate damage and to refute statements that could negatively affect
reputations or cause investigation or prosecution for alleged illegal acts.

Under the mitigation doctrine, the law places an obligation on journalists to
take reasonable action to reduce the effect of breaches of law. Mitigation
rules apply to damages or costs in an action for tort or for breach of
contract. It does not matter if the issues classify as civil or criminal.

The notices give them an opportunity to challenge with substantiated evidence
any charges affecting their ethical or moral character. For public
accountability, the author encourages them to respond in open exchange before a
deadline. Individuals mentioned incidentally receive a copy of the notice as a

Journalists must report the truth no matter whom they offend and with disregard
for the consequences of publication. Accurate reporting predicates a higher
purpose and the common good.

The author does not solicit personal opinions and informs individuals that they
should address only matters of fact. The notices declare personal or
conflicting interests that relate to topics or to opinion especially when the
content draws upon advocacy, experience, conclusion, or interpretation and
advise of a responsibility to gather information and develop public awareness
about wrongdoing and violation of codes of conduct.

Primarily, the articles expose malfeasance and misuse of public funds also
abuse of elderly tenants by landlords, trust officials and law enforcement
agencies. Named individuals neglected to adhere to their duty of care. Some
maliciously damaged others and their reputations by libel, slander, assault, or
other unlawful acts.

No person receives immunity from investigation. Anything published results from
investigation, verification and validation which takes into account violations
of law or breach of established rules and ethical practices.

Paul Trummel
Professor Emeritus, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

A Non-Profit Company Incorporated under the Laws of the State of North
Carolina, USA.

UK equivalencies in graphic communication recognized by Boston University,
Northeastern University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Fitchburg State
College, San Jose State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and
University of Washington with comparability twice certified by International
Education Research Foundation (IERF), a credential evaluation service accredited
by US Department of Education.

Fellow, International Society of Typographic Designers
Fellow, Institute of Paper Printing and Publishing
International Federation of Journalists, Brussels, International Press Card #GB
National Union of Journalists, London, Press Card #025057.
Society of Authors, London – #00039806.
Suez Canal Zone General Service Medal – 1950-1955.”

(Alan Dransfield is a named party)