Email sent – 14 March 2015 08:37

Dear Mr Bradshaw MP

Ref your letter dated 12th March 2015 attached to the letter from Kris Hopkins
at the Department of Communities and Local Government. To be frank with you Mr Bradshaw, it may possibly be that you are both painted with the same
incompetent/negligent brush.

How on earth can Devon County Council achieve value for money, transparency, accountability and security without any Project Asset
Management Plans for individual projects?

No wonder the Devon County Council has put me on a lifetime email ban and no wonder they
declare all my freedom of information requests as vexatious because it might appear that they are hiding multi million pound fraud.

In the event they do not hold individual Project Asset Management Plans
their overall AMP are a worthless scrap of paper.

You need to withdraw your ostrich head from the sand and so do your shadow Government buddies riding the capital budget gravy train and wake up to
the fraud in the PFI & PPP…..

Wakey wakey Mr Bradshaw MP.

In the event the Devon County Council does not hold any Project Asset Management Plans they
are incapable of fiscal accountability or security.

Yours in disgust