Email sent – 10 March 2015 06:43

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I am deeply concerned at the recent headline news on the BBC that 9 out 10
Devon Schools have asbestos and the £1/4 million damages payout to a former

Please see my FOIA request from Sep 2012 which was refused under section
14(1) vexatious.

It beggars belief the Devon County Council has paid out 1/4 million pounds in compensation
for asbestos-related illness, which in essence could open the floodgates to
former students in Devon schools. No doubt the DCC has been hugely cost-impacted on these asbestos court cases, as well as the Dransfield FOIA cases.

Enough is enough Mr Bradshaw; you are failing your fiduciary duty of care
as MP for Exeter by your inactions and failures.

The recent BBC publication of asbestos dangers in Devon schools does, in
my view, prove my FOIA back in Sept 2012 was far from vexatious.

For your information, action and files

With thanks

Yours etc

Alan M Dransfield.