Email sent – 09 March 2015 07:06

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I have reason to believe the Devon County Council may possibly have fraudulently
approved the Sports Ground Safety Certificate (SGSC) for the Exeter Chiefs
Rugby Stadium. It is an offence for a public authority to issue a Sports Ground
Safety Licence if they know the said stadium is unsafe.

As you are aware, a SGSC must be produced by the Local Authority for any
sports stadium with a capacity of 10,000 people or more.

A simple ocular inspection of the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Stadium will confirm
the Stadium is unsafe and unfit for purpose owing to numerous health and safety violations which include but not limited to:-

1. Failure to provide Lightning Protection Systems in accordance with the
BS/EN 62305/2008 on original stadium and recent upgraded stadium. Applicable to all parts of the ground. The biggest danger related to
Lightning is overflash strikes, which have not been
considered at design or construction phase.

2. Various trip hazards at ground level.

3. Various protruding and sharp objects from stadium fixings.

4. Earthing and grounding failures.

5. Inadequate toilet and washing facilities.

As you are aware, the adjacent pedestrian Bbidge is subject to a Court of
Appeal ruling.

May I suggest you write to the DCC and the Rugby Club on this matter. You
might wish to ask the Sports Ground Stadium Authority why they appear to have
ignored this particular stadium.

As you are aware, the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Stadium is scheduled to be used
later this year for the Rugby World Cup. The worst case scenario (WCS) at both the pedestrian bridge and the stadium is multiple deaths or serious injuries
from lightning overflash.

WCS was not considered at either design or construction phase of this

For your information, action and files.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield