Email sent – 09 March 2015 08:04

Attn Karen Brady
CEO West Ham Football Club

Dear Karen

I hold serious concerns for your fans safety when they move into the new
Queen Elizabeth Stadium. In particular, I do not believe the new stadium has been
provisioned with adequate Lightning Protection System Safety (LPSS) as
prescribed in law via BS-EN 62305-2008.

The oversight authorities for this stadium have failed to provide me with
the necessary proof that your stadium has been provisioned with adequate

The Balfour Beatty Group has been responsible for the design and build of
this stadium, and they have a long history of Lightning Protection Failures

I can recommend an independent lightning protection specialist from the US
who will confirm your new sports stadium is non-compliant to the relevant lightning protection standards as aforementioned.

For you information and files

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield.