Email sent – 23 February 2015 06:47

Dear Mr Bradshaw

In the event the Court of Appeal rule against me in the subject title, I intend to appeal to the Supreme Court or the ECHR and I am now preparing my skeleton argument.

As you are aware the Information Commissioner’s Office & Devon County Council legal argument is solely reliant on the context and history of my FOIA requests.

Please see the DCC list of their vexatious or manifestly unreasonable exemptions/refusals. This list contains 55 of my FOIA requests between 11/4/11/ and 7/3/12.

Each and every one of my FOIA requests in this letter is straightforward and benign and holds serious purpose and public interest. Not one single request from the attached list is either vexatious or manifestly unreasonable. On the contrary, they have been made in the interest of health and safety issues concerning the general public and in the interest of the public purse.

There is no doubt in my mind that it is the DCC and the ICO who have been vexatious not me.

I invite my MP to read each of my 55 FOIA requests and then advise me if you think my requests are either vexatious or manifestly unreasonable. I appreciate your view must be face value but as MP for Exeter, you do have first hand knowledge of a couple of items namely:

1. Millions of tonnes of contaminated cement were sold to the West Country in 2005 from Lafarge Cement Company. Both the DCC and the ICO claim it was a batch of contaminated cement, which is hogwash. It was a batch of cement all right which contained over a million tonnes of the stuff which the DCC and City Council turned a blind eye to.

2. St Peters NEW PFI school was provided with bottled water for 6/7 years because the drinking water was contaminated.

Would it be possible to book an appointment at your Friday night Surgery to discuss these FOIA requests please?

With thanks

Yours sincerely.

Alan M Dransfield

By the way, it is now approx 11/12 years since the contaminated cement was raised in the first instance by myself and I would envisage that we will now start to encounter serious structural failures/ collapses of Buildings and Structures which contains hundreds of tonnes of contaminated cement (including the 6 PFI schools), which will no doubt be further cost to the public purse. As a long standing MP of Exeter you have first hand knowledge of such dangers but have chosen to ignore them.